I’m soon leaving on a train…

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Now we have booked all…

At the next sunday 06.00 am will we jump on a play from skavsta down to berlin…

and from berlin we will go by train down to istanbul then back to sweden but to krakow where we take the plane to stockholm.

We will be away from the 14 of juni to 18 of july…


then I will have alot of pics…

Anyway now i’m of to the gym to workout got to stay fit 😛

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The streetmusicians

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Today we felt to celebrate our national day…

So we decided to be an sort of streetmusician, we took our pacemaker, an video camera and some speakers and went around in Stockholm and made music in our style. We used the lovely mp3 called ”Pacemaker” which I think together with iPhone is one of the best product during the last five years. The innovation behind the product is lovely and awesome and it’s almost like an real dj-kit but u can’t scratch and the sound quality is so good u can use it on stage.


We did actually earn some money about 100€ which we gave to the ”Scared children’s foundation”(rädda barnen). So now i will upload an clip from it down here so u all could see how bad/great we was.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about ”Packermaker @ Söder during the swedis…”, posted with vodpod
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And the song of the days is the swedish national anthem performed by the swedish hiphoper dogge doggelito

The swedish national-day

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Today I will be bad with the update cause i will celebrate out national day cause its the 6/6…


And for those who wants to hear it could listen on may spotify playlist and down here i will post and video with the national-anthem preform by an  famous swedish rapper.

And here u find the text if u would like sing it…


Bad update

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Srry that i havn’t posted anything today but i have been doing to much today…

Now is it soon night so sleep tight

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Sleep tight!!

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Hi again

Once again I would like to say thanks for letting me steal some of your time…

And now it’s almost midnight which means soon bedtime, my update tomorrow will be quite bad cuz we are going to one old Swedish castle called ”Drottningholm” but after it mine update should be ass usual.

And as an thanks for letting me steal your time will I post one lovely pic I found on the Internet…

And now is it up to u should I tell more or less about my life mail me at (Elofsson.Niklas@gmail.com)

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It’s official

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Hey guys!!!

I have been wondering about something during these days and I have finally decided i will try to go an bartender course. I would probably go on a course hold by the company European Bartenderschool and then i can choose from a lot of different locations but my favorite location at the moment is in Puketh cause it would be nice, otherwise seams the school to be an good second choice.


It seams to be an nice school with an good spirit and i have only heard good things about it, so i will check it out and tell you about it later on but probably i will do it this winter or next summer.


Maybe you see me soon in a bar near you or in Berns or in White room

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The song is Save Tonight by Eagel-Eye Cherry

A borring day

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For all that doesn’t live in stockholm so have it been raining every day since monday.

Its wet everywhere but still we can’t say No to an free Ben&Jerry ice cream eventough it’s only 9 degress celsius (brr)

Bilde 008

Next comersial pic?

Anyway I have been just chillin with my fellows who also is struggling artists and maybe sometime u all that reads this can hear some.

I’m Out To spend some time working out

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