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Hi ppl!!!

This is an unnessesary post so you don’t need to read more

Half Day is past and we just ate lunch in our love school resturant the food was potatoes and some meatloff.

Actully was the food quite good, if u compare it with other times…

Here is some lovevly pics of the food.

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Godmorning guys!!!

Since last week egen have no so Called ”iv-val”(individuell choice) so our new schedule is really nice with short days and a lot of sleep-ins…

Anyway yesterday was lovely we finally have some time singing in the studio, we hope to have an EP finished in the autumn. And after the studio time we went to an shoot of an musicvideo, made by a friend of mine. Pics coming up later

And finally now I will try to slep an hour more but cya soon guys


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Fast update:

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Today i will spend some time in the studio…

So see you there



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Hey ppl…

It’s getting late here in Sweden so it’s time to find de the bed but b4 I would like to show u all something…

Since I have got an bunch of mail asking the Same question ”which music do u listen” & ”Do you listen to the songs you posts” and so on…

To answer all the question I just give you an link

Mine LastFM profile

And to answer it in words mostly I listen to hiphop but sometimes I listen to rock, and the music I posts is my favorite songs so I listen to them often to much.

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Support Them!!!

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Hey guys!!

Our favorite artist J-Son…

Vote for him at the link down here:

and listen to the song on write ”MAKE IT!!!”…

J-son needs our Support.

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Do this, and don’t do that!!!

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Hi ppl…


My day at the gym was lovely and I really tired after the time there any way my fellows Jens & Victor need some support from u guys, the have started an new club here in Stockholm called ”Spiderdogs” (in english)  and many people as me thinkt that this is one of the best clubs in stockholm and the best hiphop club in sweden.


And now to the thing,  Spiderdogs have been nominated to be the best club this spring and they need your support so i wonder if u could. Vote for them to win this competition.


go to this link:

or the English one:  click here


Vote for the third option which is ”Spiderdogs”.

Then it should look like this…



You can vote on what ever you like but It would be nice if you took the second option ” Linnea Och Jade”  cuz they are females. and we need some female dj:s but please don’t talk the third option cuz he sucked on those live performance i have seen, he can’t even mute right.

And now you all should have an great thanks.

ThankYouRoseRedWe Against The World

and the song is ”Fonky Fly” by those who own the club Mofeta & Jerre (Victor and Jens)

Want it!!!

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Like alot of u already now i’m an struggeling musician…

and do always want to make music, and be around music.

But i dosen’t have the money, the time or the skills.

Bild 108

But now we got an love product from sweden called pacemaker and it’s cheap and makes it possible to make your music on the bus and stuffs like that which is love,  and with it i can practice up my skills and make me better but instead i will let the video talk so watch it down here.

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The song is still Inatt by my fellows AFC (who has probebly been reading this blog today, YAY)